I'm 5'5" and weigh 150 lbs. At the DC Auto Show today, I attempted to squeeze into the back seat of a Jaguar XK coupe. After horribly contorting my body, the best I could manage was lying sideways in a fetal position. There was literally zero room for my legs, and I couldn't even reach the seat belt.

I get 100x more excited to see a DB7 in the wild than a DB9. I'm not sure what it is. The DB9 is the better-looking car, IMO, but you just see so many of them...if you're in an affluent area, that is. The few DB7s that there were just seem to have disappeared.

I've had a 30-inch waist since the end of puberty. Now, suddenly none of my pants fit. I can barely get away with a 31, but if I'm honest, I'm up to a 32. I haven't changed my diet, and I'm not getting any less exercise. But I am almost 29 years old, and I think my metabolism has finally crapped out.


Off to Toronto for work tomorrow. It'll be my first time in Canada (and it's going to be bitchin' cold!). Everyone says that I need to go to the casinos and the strip clubs. I'd rather do neither, thanks. But I am planning to see Niagara Falls, which I think should be pretty cool.

You know, the E38 is such a beautiful car that the E32 is often forgotten. The E32 was a great car in its own right, and I still turn my head every time I see one. Truly an under-appreciated gem.